About us.

We think GPTs are going to make AI far more accessible to small businesses. And we think that's a very good thing.

Personally, we've already seen how having your own personal AI assistant can make things possible that simply weren't feasible, before.

From Lynn's perspective, GPT4 has already helped her:

- Learn to (and write) code as a novice, while studying her PhD;
- Perform her own custom data analysis on large datasets; and
- Streamline administrative duties while working as a healthcare professional.

For Gerrard, GPTs have been an essential tool in his business' workflows, in everything from:

- Sourcing new ideas to;
- Serving as the underlying platform for Bizway; and
- Doing the data analysis he never gets around to doing...

With GPT World, we're hoping to share the best bits of what we learn about some of the most exciting new tools in AI--and to help you make full use of them in your business, day to day.



Founder of Bizway & Landmark Labs


PhD researcher & Co-founder of GPT World