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Products and Services Competitive Analysis Custom GPT

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GPT World Team
November 26, 2023
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The Products and Services Competitive Analysis GPT is an AI-driven tool designed for businesses to receive comprehensive competitive reports. It specializes in numerical analysis, focusing on delivering factual, data-backed insights about the competitive landscape.

How To Use

  1. Provide a brief description of your business, including your industry, products/services offered, and target market.
  2. Submit a list of known competitors.
  3. Our GPT will extend your list by researching and adding 5 relevant competitors from the web.
  4. Select your desired format for the analysis report: Comprehensive Report, Presentation Deck, or an Internal Brief.
  5. Provide any additional background files or data that may support the analysis.
  6. Upon collecting all necessary information, the GPT will generate your detailed competitive analysis report.

Use Cases

  • Determining the market position of your business.
  • Identifying areas for growth and product/service improvement.
  • Enhancing your marketing strategy based on competitor insights.
  • Gaining investment or stakeholder support with robust data evidence.

Key Features

  • Detailed Market Overview and Share Analysis
  • Identification of Key Competitors and Market Segmentation
  • Extensive Range of Product/Service Offering Comparisons
  • In-depth Analysis of Competitors' Strengths and Weaknesses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the GPT create analysis for any industry? Yes, the GPT is designed to generate reports across various industries, provided the appropriate data is supplied.
  • Is the source data for the analysis reliable? All data used for the analysis is sourced from credible, factual databases and is backed by extensive numerical data and statistics. Website links are also provided. However, always carry out your own final checks to ensure accuracy.
  • How do I receive my report? Reports can be received in your chosen format, and if a PDF is requested, it can be downloaded upon confirmation.

To get started, try our custom GPT using the link provided!