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4 Ways to Make Money From Your Custom GPTs (Before The Official GPT Store Opens)

November 18, 2023
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Custom GPTs are here, and in OpenAI's Dev Day announcement, (former) CEO Sam Altman mentioned that a 'GPT Store' with revenu-share will be coming soon. Naturally, this got a lot of people excited to start building their own custom GPTs; and potentially get in on a slice of OpenAI's $1.3 billion revenue pie.

But, the official store isn't open yet, and details surrounding the exact revenue share model are still just speculation.

In the meanwhile, we wanted to share some create ways you can earn from your beautiful custom GPTs.

4 Ways to Make Money From Your Custom GPTs

1. Revenue Sharing through the OpenAI Official GPT Store: A Future Marketplace for Custom GPTs

This is the main one that everyone is talking about. And while it isn't open yet, it's not a bad idea to set your best custom GPTs to 'Public' and start racking up the conversation counts. Chances are OpenAI will be featuring custom GPTs with the highest chats (there was even mention of a leaderboard), so share your custom GPT link far and wide and start tallying up those chats.

  • Possible Ideas: Custom GPTs for niche content creation, customer service bots for specific industries, personalized ecommerce recommendations.
  • Pros: Vast reach, automated revenue collection, community and OpenAI support.
  • Cons: Marketplace fees, competition with other creators, reliance on external platform.
  • Best For: Developers and businesses with ready-to-market GPT solutions seeking wide exposure.

2. Exclusive Paywall Access: Creating Value Behind Closed Doors

Until the OpenAI store launches, and even beyond, offering your custom GPTs behind a paywall can yield profits. By following the blueprint of successful online courses or template sites, you can charge for access to exclusive, powerful GPT tools.

  • Possible Ideas: Subscription-based GPTs that handle social media interactions, generate monthly reports, or perform market analysis.
  • Pros: Full control over pricing and customer relationships, direct monetization, recurring income through subscriptions.
  • Cons: Need for a hosting platform, marketing and customer acquisition costs, user retention efforts.
  • Best For: GPT creators targeting a dedicated audience or niche market who value exclusivity.

3. Custom GPTs As a Service: Tailoring Intelligence for Clients

Another viable revenue stream is offering custom GPT creation as a service. Businesses and individuals who recognize the value of AI but lack the technical know-how present a growing market for this personalized service.

  • Possible Ideas: Developing real estate valuation bots, legal document drafters, or predictive analysis tools for financial services.
  • Pros: Tailored service fee pricing, high-value contracts, focused on client relationships.
  • Cons: Time-intensive development, need for ongoing client support, scalability challenges.
  • Best For: GPT experts wanting to build bespoke solutions that address complex, client-specific issues.

4. Internal Efficiency: Streamlining Your Own Business with GPTs

Finally, a more indirect but profoundly impactful route is using custom GPTs to optimize your own business processes. Enhancements in efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction translate to savings and potential profit increases.

  • Possible Ideas: GPTs that aid in lead qualification, automate repetitive HR tasks, or streamline project management.
  • Pros: Direct cost savings, improved business scalability, enhanced competitive edge.
  • Cons: Upfront investment in development, potential need for employee training, iteration to fit processes.
  • Best For: Business owners looking to sharpen operational procedures and cut overhead costs with AI.


Custom GPTs open a landscape brimming with lucrative possibilities. Whether through direct sales on an emergent platform like the OpenAI store, gated access to invaluable tools, personalized development services, or boosting your enterprise's productivity, these AI models offer more than just intelligence—they can translate directly to revenue. For those ready to dive into this opportunity, the custom GPT arena is ripe for innovation and profit.