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6 ChatGPT Best Practices Worth Knowing About

December 2, 2023
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Whether you’re a developer, writer, or entrepreneur, optimizing your ChatGPT interactions for the best output is crucial. Based on strategies provided by OpenAI, here are six best practices to enhance your ChatGPT experience.

1. Write Clear Instructions

Clarity is key when working with ChatGPT. Be explicit about the length, complexity, and format of the output you desire.

  • Use delimiters for separate input parts.
  • Provide an example to demonstrate the desired output format.
  • State exactly what you need, whether it's brevity or detailed expertise.

2. Provide Reference Text

To prevent fabricated responses, supply ChatGPT with accurate reference materials.

  • Instruct the model to use specific texts for citations.
  • Use authoritative sources to guide the model's answers.

3. Decompose Complex Tasks

Break down intricate tasks into simpler components that ChatGPT can sequentially resolve.

  • Split lengthy documents for piecewise summarization.
  • For dialogue applications with a long conversation, summarize previous content.

4. Allow Time to 'Think'

Encourage ChatGPT to process information before providing an answer.

  • Request a “chain of thought” process to guide the model to more accurate conclusions.
  • Review past answers and ask the model to consider anything it might have missed.

5. Utilize External Tools

Supplement ChatGPT's capabilities with specialized tools for tasks like mathematical calculations.

  • Integrate text retrieval systems for broader knowledge access.
  • Employ code execution engines for running code snippets or conducting precise calculations.

6. Test Systematically

Improvements in prompts should lead to better overall performance.

  • Verify the computer-generated output against a set of gold-standard answers or evals to ensure quality.
  • Evaluate changes comprehensively instead of relying on isolated examples.

By implementing these six best practices, you can significantly enhance the performance of ChatGPT, turning it into a more precise, reliable, and efficient tool that is capable of tackling a broad range of tasks and challenges.