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29 Custom GPT Ideas For Agency Owners

November 18, 2023
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As an agency owner, leveraging custom GPTs can bring new efficiencies (and creativity) to your business. From automating repetitive tasks to uncovering new insights on your existing data, these AI tools can seriously improve the way you work.

Here are 29 custom GPT ideas tailored to help fill various roles within your agency.

1. Accountant GPT

  • The Idea: A bespoke AI accountant to manage and analyze financial tasks.
  • Use Cases: Generating financial reports, tracking expenses, and forecasting budgets.
  • Instructions Sample: "Generate a monthly expense report for Q2 using the uploaded transaction data."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Profit & Loss Reports, Invoices, Expense receipts, Company financial policy.

2. Social Media Marketing Manager GPT

  • The Idea: Curating content and campaigns for various social media platforms.
  • Use Cases: Creating targeted posts, scheduling content calendars, and analyzing engagement data.
  • Instructions Sample: "Craft a social media strategy for the upcoming product launch, targeting millennials, and align with our brand voice."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Brand Guidelines, Previous campaign analytics, Target audience demographics.

3. Client Onboarding Agent GPT

  • The Idea: Streamlining the process of integrating new clients into the agency's services.
  • Use Cases: Providing personalized welcome messages, setting up client profiles, and guiding through initial setup.
  • Instructions Sample: "Create a tailored onboarding checklist for a new client in the retail sector."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Onboarding procedures, Client service packages, Agency FAQs.

4. Website Design Reviewer GPT

  • The Idea: Offering constructive feedback on website designs for user experience improvement.
  • Use Cases: Analyzing layouts, recommending design tweaks, and ensuring brand consistency.
  • Instructions Sample: "Review the attached website design draft and provide feedback focused on improving user navigation."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: UX/UI Guidelines, Brand identity manuals, Previous website design feedback.

5. SEO Auditor GPT

  • The Idea: Carrying out SEO audits to boost website ranking and online visibility.
  • Use Cases: Identifying SEO gaps, suggesting keywords, and optimizing content strategy.
  • Instructions Sample: "Perform an SEO audit for our client's website and list the top 3 areas for immediate improvement."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: SEO Checklist, Recent search engine updates, Keyword performance reports.

6. Tax Advisor GPT

  • The Idea: Advising on tax-related matters to optimize filings and reduce liabilities.
  • Use Cases: Answering tax queries, suggesting deductions, and providing updated tax law guidance.
  • Instructions Sample: "Explain the new tax deductions available for advertising agencies for the current fiscal year."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Tax codes relevant to agency operations, Previous year's tax filings, Tax advisory notes.

7. Lead Qualification GPT

  • The Idea: Screening and scoring leads to prioritize sales and marketing efforts.
  • Use Cases: Evaluating potential clients, identifying high-value leads, and customizing follow-up strategies.
  • Instructions Sample: "Qualify the attached list of leads based on our scoring criteria and suggest personalized approach tactics for the top 5."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Lead scoring models, CRM data exports, Market research reports.

8. Proposal Writer GPT

  • The Idea: Crafting compelling proposals tailored to potential clients' needs.
  • Use Cases: Drafting RFP responses, customizing service offerings, and writing executive summaries.
  • Instructions Sample: "Create a proposal outline for a brand repositioning service tailored to the information technology sector."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Previous successful proposals, Service catalogs, Client briefing notes.

9. Marketing Campaign Strategist GPT

  • The Idea: Strategizing and planning marketing campaigns for diverse client projects.
  • Use Cases: Identifying target audiences, selecting marketing channels, and creating campaign timelines.
  • Instructions Sample: "Develop a 3-month digital marketing strategy for a client launching a new fitness app, including expected KPIs."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Client profiles, Past campaigns performance data, Marketing playbook.

10. Pricing Strategist GPT

  • The Idea: Analyzing markets and setting pricing strategies for services and products.
  • Use Cases: Benchmarking against competitors, proposing promotional pricing, and creating tiered service models.
  • Instructions Sample: "Recommend a pricing model for our new social media management package considering current market trends."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Competitor pricing structures, Internal cost breakdowns, Economic reports.

11. Business Model Consultant GPT

  • The Idea: Offering guidance and auditing of business models to enhance profitability and scalability.
  • Use Cases: Analyzing business model efficacy, suggesting pivots, and aiding in strategic planning.
  • Instructions Sample: "Review our client's current business model and propose three changes for increased recurring revenue."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Business model canvas, Market analysis reports, Client strategic plans.

12. Data Analyst GPT

  • The Idea: Synthesizing and interpreting data to derive actionable business insights.
  • Use Cases: Creating data visualizations, reporting on metrics, and performing predictive analytics.
  • Instructions Sample: "Analyze the latest user engagement data and create a visual report highlighting key trends over the last quarter."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Dataset exports, Analytics tools reports, Historical data series for trends.

13. FAQs GPT

  • The Idea: Generating and updating FAQ sections to assist in customer support and information dissemination.
  • Use Cases: Crafting answers to frequent client questions, updating FAQs for new services or products.
  • Instructions Sample: "Create a set of FAQs for our new content marketing service, focusing on common client queries about process and ROI."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Service descriptions, Previous client question logs, Product manuals.

14. Keyword Researcher GPT

  • The Idea: Discovering new and profitable keywords for content and SEO strategies.
  • Use Cases: Finding niche keywords, analyzing search volumes, and assessing keyword competitiveness.
  • Instructions Sample: "Identify long-tail keywords related to eco-friendly packaging for a blog content series."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: SEO audit reports, Content strategy plans, Industry terminology lists.

15. Competitive Analyst GPT

  • The Idea: Evaluating competitors' strengths and weaknesses to inform business strategies.
  • Use Cases: Competitive benchmarking, SWOT analysis, and market share assessment.
  • Instructions Sample: "Conduct a competitive analysis for mid-size marketing agencies in the Northeast US with recommendations for gaining an edge."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Competitor portfolios, Market research studies, Internal benchmarking criteria.

16. Cost Cutting GPT

  • The Idea: Identifying opportunities to reduce expenses and increase operational efficiency.
  • Use Cases: Auditing spending, recommending budget adjustments, and suggesting resource allocation improvements.
  • Instructions Sample: "Provide a report on potential cost-saving measures in our project management process."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Expense reports, Process workflows, Financial optimization guides.

17. Meeting Summarizer GPT

  • The Idea: Creating concise summaries of meetings to ensure team alignment and follow-up on action items.
  • Use Cases: Documenting key points, decisions made, and assigning tasks from meeting notes or recordings.
  • Instructions Sample: "Generate a summary of today’s client strategy meeting, focusing on action items and deadlines."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Meeting transcripts, Project timelines, Stakeholder contact lists.

18. Client Feedback Collector GPT

  • The Idea: Systematically collecting and analyzing client feedback to improve services and customer satisfaction.
  • Use Cases: Designing feedback forms, interpreting survey results, and creating improvement action plans.
  • Instructions Sample: "Compile client feedback from Q1 and provide a prioritized list of suggestions for service enhancements."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Client satisfaction surveys, Feedback collection protocols, Historical feedback trends.

19. Brand Messaging Consultant GPT

  • The Idea: Refining and crafting consistent brand messages across all marketing channels.
  • Use Cases: Brand voice development, message alignment in campaigns, tone analysis.
  • Instructions Sample: "Develop a set of brand messaging guidelines that emphasize our commitment to sustainability."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Brand identity documents, Existing marketing materials, Customer personas.

20. Project Management Assistant GPT

  • The Idea: Assisting in project planning, resource allocation, and tracking milestones.
  • Use Cases: Generating Gantt charts, suggesting timeline adjustments, risk management.
  • Instructions Sample: "Create a project plan for the upcoming website redesign with key deliverables and deadlines based on the attached scope document."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Project management templates, Historical project data, Team availability.

21. Content Strategy Developer GPT

  • The Idea: Formulating content strategies that align with client goals and market trends.
  • Use Cases: Topic ideation, editorial calendar planning, performance tracking.
  • Instructions Sample: "Outline a content strategy that targets startup founders and includes a mix of educational and thought leadership pieces."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Content performance analytics, Audience insights, Industry publications.

22. HR Policy Advisor GPT

  • The Idea: Providing guidance on human resources policies and best practices.
  • Use Cases: Drafting employee handbooks, updating workplace policies, advising on compliance.
  • Instructions Sample: "Generate a remote work policy that includes guidelines for team communication and availability."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Current HR policies, Legal compliance requirements, Cultural values documents.

23. CRM Database Manager GPT

  • The Idea: Managing customer relationship management databases for accuracy and efficacy.
  • Use Cases: Data entry automation, cleaning redundant records, segmentation for marketing.
  • Instructions Sample: "Identify and merge duplicate contacts in the CRM system and create a report of changes for review."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: CRM user guides, Data quality standards, Customer segmentation models.

24. Legal Document Drafting GPT

  • The Idea: Drafting and reviewing legal documents relevant to agency operations.
  • Use Cases: Contract templates, non-disclosure agreements, compliance checklists.
  • Instructions Sample: "Craft a standard service agreement template that includes terms for intellectual property use."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Precedent legal documents, Regulatory guidelines, Legal clause library.

25. User Experience Researcher GPT

  • The Idea: Conducting user experience research to inform design and development decisions.
  • Use Cases: User surveys, persona creation, usability testing report synthesis.
  • Instructions Sample: "Design a survey to collect user feedback on the beta version of our new mobile app."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Previous research findings, User behavior analytics, Design best practices.

26. Technical Writer GPT

  • The Idea: Creating in-depth technical documents, manuals, and how-to guides for various software and tools.
  • Use Cases: API documentation, troubleshooting guides, technical blog posts.
  • Instructions Sample: "Develop a comprehensive guide for using our proprietary content management system tailored for non-technical users."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Product technical specifications, User feedback, Documentation standards.

27. Public Relations Coordinator GPT

  • The Idea: Orchestrating public relations campaigns and managing press communications.
  • Use Cases: Press release writing, media kit creation, event promotion strategies.
  • Instructions Sample: "Generate a press release for our client's new product launch, highlighting its innovative features."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Company press releases history, Media contact lists, Brand narratives.

28. Grant Writer GPT

  • The Idea: Drafting grant applications and funding proposals for projects requiring sponsorship.
  • Use Cases: Research grant opportunities, create compelling narratives, draft budgets.
  • Instructions Sample: "Prepare a grant proposal to seek funding for our community outreach program focusing on digital literacy."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Past successful grants, Program details, Financial planning templates.

29. Customer Support Automator GPT

  • The Idea: Providing immediate, AI-driven customer support through chatbots or automated responses.
  • Use Cases: First-level customer queries, ticket routing, common issue resolution.
  • Instructions Sample: "Design a chatbot script that assists customers in troubleshooting common software issues."
  • Knowledge Files to Upload: Support FAQs, Product manuals, Customer service protocols.

Implementing these custom GPTs will help agency owners across multiple facets of their operations, providing smarter and more efficient ways to deliver value to their clients while managing internal processes seamlessly.