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How to Share Your Custom GPT

November 18, 2023
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How to Share Your Custom GPT: A Guide to Publishing Options

Following OpenAI's Dev Day launch on November 6th 2023, the exciting capability to create custom GPTs is just the first step. The next crucial phase is sharing or publishing your model. Whether you’re a developer, a business, or an AI enthusiast, understanding how to effectively share your custom GPT is key to maximizing its potential. Let’s explore the various publishing options available and how they can align with your goals.

1. Private Sharing: “Only Me” Option

Keeping It Personal:

The “Only Me” option is ideal if you're still in the development phase or if your custom GPT contains sensitive or proprietary information. This setting ensures that your GPT model remains private and accessible only to you. It's a secure way to test and refine your model without exposing it to external users.


  • Complete privacy and control
  • Ideal for testing and refining your model
  • Security from external access or manipulation

2. Restricted Sharing: “Only People with a Link”

Controlled Accessibility:

Choosing to share your custom GPT with select individuals via a link provides a balance between privacy and collaboration. This option is suitable for beta testing, getting feedback from a specific group, or collaborating with partners who do not require full access to the underlying code or data.


  • Controlled access to a select group
  • Ideal for collaborative projects or beta testing
  • Flexibility in granting and revoking access

3. Public Sharing: “Public” Option

Ready for the Spotlight:

Publishing your custom GPT publicly signifies your readiness to showcase your model to a wider audience. When OpenAI establishes their store, opting for public sharing means you are open to having your GPT used and potentially sold, with future revenue-sharing opportunities with OpenAI.


  • Maximum visibility and reach
  • Opportunity for revenue sharing with OpenAI in the future
  • Contribution to the growing AI community

Considerations for Public Sharing:

  • Quality and Originality: Ensure your model is of high quality and offers unique features or solutions.
  • Ethical and Safe Use: Adhere to ethical guidelines and ensure your model does not propagate biases or harmful content.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Stay informed about and comply with any legal and regulatory requirements related to AI technologies.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Path

Sharing your custom GPT is a strategic decision that should align with your goals and the readiness of your model. Whether you opt for privacy, controlled sharing, or public exposure, each option has its merits and considerations. By carefully choosing the right path for your custom GPT, you can effectively leverage its potential while aligning with your objectives and values. Remember, the journey of your custom GPT doesn’t end at creation; its impact is shaped significantly by how and with whom you choose to share it.