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Big News: OpenAI's GPT Store Opens Next Week!

January 4, 2024
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Get ready, everyone—OpenAI is about to open its long-awaited marketplace for custom GPTs! This digital marketplace promises to become a central hub for original GPT editions designed by developers across the globe.

In readiness for the launch, OpenAI has issued a notice to all GPT builders, detailing the necessary steps to ensure their creations can be featured. Complying with the updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines is essential, as is the verification of the builder's profile and the public publication status of their GPTs. This preparation underscores the company's commitment to quality and authenticity in the evolving AI space.

The store's upcoming debut has been further bolstered by guidelines that stress the importance of choosing appropriate names for these innovative tools. In accordance with the branding guidance provided, these GPTs should have sleek, service-reflective names for a streamlined user experience within ChatGPT’s interface.

As early examples of what to expect in the GPT Store, look no further than 'Grimoire,' the enchanting coding wizard GPT that has garnered attention with thousands of interactions on Twitter, demonstrating the power and appeal of well-crafted custom AI.

Another harbinger of the store's potential is evident with GPT World's lineup of 30+ bespoke GPTs. Bursting onto the scene, these creations will now gain broader visibility and reach through the GPT Store, enabling greater access for the curious and the connoisseurs alike.

The GPT Store will offer a venue for both exhibition and discovery, fostering a community of innovative builders and users eager to explore the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. Watch as the GPT landscape is reshaped with the arrival of this vibrant marketplace next week.